NET Retreat changes thinking

NET Retreat changes thinking
NET RetreatTwenty-one grades 6-8 students were able to think differently about God and themselves at a retreat at St. Mary's on December 7. Six college age students from NET Retreats provided St. Mary's students with fun activities, small group discussions about how they fit into the world, Mass time, prayer, and other eye opening experiences with how to identify themselves with God.

Students had a lot of positive things to say about the day long retreat:

"Small groups were inspiring as was the last prayer session. I thought NET was a wonderful experience and I would like to do it again!

"Yes, Yes, Yes! I liked all of it. Thank you!

"Yes, it was so fun! I have a whole different view on believing and praying to the Lord our God.

St. Mary's staff was proud to be able to bring this retreat to St. Mary's students.